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 Let’s clear the air:
CPE stands for, Customer Premise Equipment. The customer owns and is responsible for the equipment on-site.

How this evolved:
 The breakup (divestiture) of the telecom companies occurred in 1984. Prior to that, the Local Exchange Carrier (LEC) managed, owned and maintained the telco equipment completely to your hand. That’s right. They owned the phone you used, and leased it back to you monthly. This had some advantages. Anything related to your needs fell to the responsibility of the LEC. But, at a very high monthly price. These rules apply both to residential and business customers.
With the divestiture in 1984, the CPE vendor was born. Customers had choices. CPE vendors now competed for your business. The LEC is responsible for the service right up to the building wall, then it is all yours. This is where the CPE vendor comes into the fold. They work for you, the end user. Not only that, they help hold the LEC accountable for their services. Think of the CPE Vendor as an agent working for you, paid by you, because they are.

 This is why LEC’s and ISP’s will not work on your router, network, phones or computers. They are not allowed to. Their responsibility ends with their service at what is known as “D-Mark”. This Demarcation is where their service hands off to your equipment.
 This is why the ISP will ask you to have your CPE Vendor take a look at the problem, because they are not responsible for your network or equipment.

Litecom is a CPE Vendor and follows a CPE Vendor business model.
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