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Network Monitor

Litecom offers Internet network monitoring service for routers installed by Litecom.

The benefits are:
1. Internet outage notification or internet trouble: This is probably one of the key elements to the service. Sometimes the internet service may be, intermittently dropping or losing service. We will receive these notifications.
2. Internet equipment backups: This allows us to keep a current backup of equipment, should it need to be replaced, and restore service in a timelier fashion.
3. Router Manufacturer Software and firmware upgrades and updates: Keep the equipment up to date with security and product improvement updates.

·       Internet Network monitoring can identify potential problems before they escalate to something worse.
·       Internet Network monitoring can help troubleshoot issues which may not have been identified as “Internet Connectivity” issues.
·       Internet Network monitoring can help reduce time and costs to fix.
·       Quicker identification of Internet issues can improve productivity.

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