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Wireless WiFi Solutions


Wireless / WiFi. Programming, Configuration and Security.Wireless has many security issues right out of the box. As we move into the world of technology, wires are being replaced by air wave transmission. WIRELESS / WiFi. It is important to set up security and set it properly. Aside from security issues, the wireless network performance can be severely degraded if not set up correctly. Local technology stores do not focus on business or enterprise products or solutions. Before throwing money away on residential wireless products, call Litecom Communications for real cost effective solutions, designed to meet your needs.

Myth: I put a password on it, so I am both safe and secure.

Fact: WRONG.

It is important to have a Wireless Network Professional install or review your installation for potential risks and security holes.


  • Security
  • Support
  • Installation
  • Deployment
  • Engineering
  • Evaluation
  • Protocol Analysis
  • Rogue Detection
  • Network Security
  • Spectrum Analysis

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