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About Us


Litecom L.L.C.

Litecom is an independent entity, providing a vast array of Network, Data and Voice services.

Litecom is an L.L.C. Texas entity, and has no partnerships or joint ownership / releationships with ANY entities in or outside the United States.

We also provide technical services, both on-site and remote.

Litecom follows a CPE Vendor business model. CPE stands for, Customer Premise Equipment. We work for the end user. We can join in anywhere, complementing your needs, or a distant corporate need.  We are a "No contract requirement" company.

This helps our customers save money.

Litecom we listen to your business needs, review your business model, and work to engineer a successful solution.

It does not have to cost more to engineer and do the job right, it just costs more to do it right the second time.

What this means: Buying what you think you need, then discover you lost time and money.

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Office: 469-421-6700
Designing and Integrating Business Solutions

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Our Passion: Engineering Successful Technology Solutions
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